Web Layer API for Payment Security & Data Privacy

Security first & Second helps in making payments securely and usage of the social network becomes safer on any device/OS.

Working Model :

When We try to make a payment on the web/mobile/tablet, you will be required to get access through Web Layer Security Screen for completing payment.

When we use social media on the web/mobile/tablet, your data will be visible as ( fuck you bitch ) when trying to get access into your console.

  • Whenever you use any of your accounts on the devices you own, your original IP & Vpn IP is validated and assigned to your accounts, so no one can get access to your accounts.

When you try to use your accounts on device you not owned in emergencey cases, the IP tracked during your session will be store as cache IP which will be blocked after your session ends.

If you wish to use your account on that device, you need to unlock the IP or grant temporary access for a limited time.

How to Install :

  • For Windows - Available as Chrome Extension. Install Extension - Grant Access - Create Account & Use.
  • For Mac & Linux- Preinstalled in your OS. Create Account & Grant access when you set up the device for the first time
  • For Android & iOS - Available App on Desired Playstore/Appstore. Download, Create Account & Grant Access - use now.

More features/updates rolled out soon……

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