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At End of Every Month, We Create a Developer Conference addressed by the Founder & Developer Mr. Harsha Vardhan.

The conference last long for 1hr 30 mins, which discussed about the developments, new innovations and progress of the current products and much more….

Live Link: Youtube Channel

Be a Participant: Google Meet ( link updated by June 28 )

Security first & Second helps in making payments securely and usage of the social network becomes safer on any device/OS.

Working Model :

When We try to make a payment on the web/mobile/tablet, you will be required to get access through Web Layer Security Screen for completing payment.

When we use social media on the web/mobile/tablet, your data will be visible as ( fuck you bitch ) when trying to get access into your console.

  • Whenever you use any of your accounts on the devices you own, your original IP & Vpn IP is validated and assigned to your accounts…

OpenCode AI are developing a payment engine which runs omartificial nueral network for customer, business data visualzation and gatthering users traction.

Software Architecture :

Payment Engine ( OpenPay AI ) is developed by OpenCode AI using deep core Machine learning APIs and Artificial Intelligence models for best usage, security and collecting user traction.

Nueral Networks which helps in showing personalized results, auto-capture of payment activities which help in fraud prevetion activities.

Google Security & Privacy in combination with our security ( Web Layer ) System helps to keep your data and Transactions secure.

Features :

  1. Web payment kit with desktop…

OpenCode AI

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